Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Views

If this is the first time you’re seeing this lovely purple bear, hello and welcome. I’m Nicole and I am a Die-Hard Liberal (#FeelTheBern #Warren2020) and this is just a quick introduction to what you’ll see as my posts start flowing.

Healthcare: I’m extremely against Trumpcare and fighting for universal everyday. Why in the world is universal not a thing in America yet?

President: I miss the Obama administration and Trump has done nothing but cause me to break-out due to stress ever since he was elected. Also, as an American, you are allowed and should speak out against what you feel is wrong so don’t give be the bull about getting over it because there’s nothing you can do. There’s always something you can do.

Abortion: Pro-choice obviously. It’s their bodies and you can’t legislate morality.

Religion: I am Christian but I do not believe your religion should dictate how everyone around you acts. I will witness if you ask but I am not here to preach at you.

LGBTQ+: I am extremely for every form of equality when talking about the LGBTQ+ community. And religion shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to BASIC human rights.

Environmental Policies: GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. We are killing our planet as we speak and this is not a drill. Take care of your environment and make sure you vote for bills that can help that happen!

Education: Should be free at all levels and we should start making students learn a second language in Kindergarten. Also, equality outside of school should relate to equality inside of school. Lastly, dress codes suck.

Economy: Making the rich pay less and the poor pay more is an ignorant view and should have disappeared a long time ago, but some how it keeps coming back. Also Obama is the cause of the Economy getting better, not Trump, he hasn’t put anything into law that would affect the economy yet.

Gun Rights: Yes, we have the second amendment but it is outdated. We need stricter gun laws. You have the right to carry firearms but a mentally ill individual should not have ANY access to guns. Guns should be harder to obtain in general and until they are we’re going to continue expereince mass shootings.

Feminism: I’m a huge feminist because it’s a movement for all, not just women, and everyone deserves equal rights.

Social Inequalities: I will fight for equality until the day I die because everyone should have the same opportunities and should not have to deal with the harrasment that can come from being different.

I know I’m probably missing some big ones, but if there’s something you would like to know about, comment down below and let me know or contact me through Twitter, Instagram or the contact page.

The list is long, the opinions are subjective, but the facts can and will be shown later on. – Nicole W.


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