Tuesday, May 22, 2018

You're Not Listening

In todays society it’s sad to see the children having to beg for their lives when they can’t vote to save their lives. We’ve been screaming for gun control for years no and recently it’s all I see on Twitter after all of the shootings because these victims are being vocal and are not going away. We have a problem when an Elementary school student is more informed than our politicians. We have a problem when students and teachers are afraid to go to schools due to the past shootings. We have a problem when a gun has more worth to people than our childrens’ lives. WE HAVE A PROBLEM. I’m so fed up with turning on the news or opening Twitter and hearing about more lives being taken. And obviously right down the road you’ll hear “there’s nothing we can do, people kill people.” Stop and listen.

  1. People are the core of the problem, yes, but if you want to decrease deaths, decrease the amount of “tools” used for ONLY death. “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” OBVIOUSLY. We’re not trying to tell you otherwise but a part of the problem is how many military grade guns we allow civilians to purchase. Part of the problem is how many people with mental illnesses and a violent past can obtain ANY gun. The problem is that an 18 year old who isn’t even allowed to drink alcohol is allowed to purchase a gun and a legitimate minor is allowed to own one.
  2. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY! Gun Control and a ban on guns are NOT the same thing. We want to make obvious laws to help lower the amount of dangerous people who own guns. As long as you are a law abiding citizen, your guns won’t be touched unless you shouldn’t be having a gun in the first place or you own some crazy unnecessary assault rifle. Let’s say it together now, WE ARE NOT TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!
  3. My favorite argument against gun control is “bad people won’t follow the law.” OKAY  BUT DOES THAT MEAN WE DON’T MAKE LAWS? Saying that is like saying if bad people are going to murder anyway let’s not make murdering people illegal. Do you listen to yourself when you say that? It’s absolutely insane that you think that’s a valid argument against gun control. Gun control WILL cause a decrease in deaths caused by gun violence. Gun control WILL help lower mass shootings. Gun control WILL be the answer that lawmakers have been looking for but don’t want to find.
  4. Adding more guns to a situation is not going to help. Giving teachers guns is not going to help. Arming students with rocks is not going to help. The people who shoot up schools are usually people who know the school well. They will know what to expect. They will know about what they’re doing and how it will affect them and most of them don’t care enough not to get caught or killed. They’re mentally ill, extremely mentally ill. They’re not gonna care about your guns, they’re not gonna care about your rocks, but they won’t be able to do as much damage if they can’t get guns.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t be banning trenchcoats or more than one door in a school. We shouldn’t be focusing on arming teachers or making schools prison-like. We shouldn’t be listening to the NRA and putting money before our children’s lives. We are worth more than whatever amount you’re getting for your campaign from the NRA. We are worth more and we will fight until you understand that. Gun-control is the next logical step.

Fighting for change everyday. ~Nicole W.

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